Choosing a leash

Sometimes small pooches don't like leashes. They're afraid of them. Who's fault is it? What can you do? Choosing a leash. This is important. There are several kinds of leashes. Ones that can retract and make noise. Pets always feel the strap of the leash. Some like it, some don't. Also dogs don't like leashes that have a thick collar, it's uncomfortable for puppies. Answer. Don't yell at your dog if it doesn't want to wear a leash. This will make your dog angry. Buy a new leash that's less heavier and thinner so it doesn't hurt your dog. Go run around with him to get used to the new leash. Exercises. They can be done at home or outside. if outside, usually a grassy area is best, so that the leash won't get caught on something. Play with the dog while slowly lowering the leash to the ground. Move to a different place.Repeat this three times. At home, put some snacks around the leash. Call for him. If he eats them, that's great! If not, don't do anything, leave the snacks alone. Repeat every one or two days. Remember. Big dogs shouldn't be on retractable leashes. It teaches them to be disobedient Give them thick leashes but not to females in heat. We should immediately (puppy age) teach our dogs to be on a leash. Do this by playing not walking.