Diet for a senior dog

Dogs have different nutritional needs at each stage of age. To maintain the health of older dog must be given to satisfy all the needs that require his body.

Senior dogs and their needs

Older dogs tend to appear with them many diseases, including the overweight and obesity. Older dogs also drops the demand for calories and metabolism, which is why food should have a lower fat content.

Quadrupeds after 7 years of age may also have weakened the appetite, which is associated with the weakening of the sense of taste and smell. Animals with age they lose muscle mass, therefore they need a greater demand for high quality and easily digestible protein.

Seniors may also be more sensitive stomach, weakened functions of digestion and absorption. Dogs should also have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet provides our oldest Member specially prepared food for the appropriate age group.

Karma ANF Low Activity / Senior is a wholesome food for dogs over 7 years of age, with reduced demand for calories, with a tendency to overweight. It has three sources of protein: chicken, eggs and fish, which provide easily digestible diet. It contains no preservatives.

The diet proposed by Arion, thanks to karma Senior / Light 22/9 is addressed to older dogs and those with lower energy requirements. It contains the highest quality protein and balanced levels of fat, vitamins and minerals. Part of the fat has been replaced by carbohydrates, so karma is less caloric. It does not contain dyes and fragrances, and the food is tasty thanks to natural ingredients.

Hill's Canine Senior Light Chicken also provide all the nutritional needs of older dogs prone to weight gain. It has the addition of L-carnitine, which limits the deposition of fat and antioxidants protect against progressive ageing process and the onset of many diseases. Also includes fibre, copper, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium as well as vitamins A, D3, E and beta carotene.

Health of senior dogs

To our dog survived until old age in good health worth through each stage of its development give him food tailored to individual nutritional needs. When our pupil longer grow old, feed was given food for dogs after 7 years of age, as this is best balanced with respect to its needs. Because it contains vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will promote the functioning of the digestive, skeletal and circulatory and prevent a variety of diseases, including obesity.