Proper nutrition of adult medium breed dogs

Dogs of medium is usually working dogs: hunting or herding. They are exceptional human companions. To be with us for a long time, we have to take care of their health through proper diet.

Particular needs

Dogs of medium, such as a miniature or large, have their own individual needs. It is important to all of them satisfied the diet. They are particularly likely to be overweight if passed procedure of sterilization or castration. Obesity may also cause problems with joints. Some breeds, especially those very physically active, have higher demand for calories.

Diet vs. health of a dog

The diet is usually applied against respective lack of minerals and prevent various disorders and diseases. Adult dog breeds means for strengthening the immune system need omega - omega 3 - 6, zinc, vitamins A, C and E, and biotin. The diet should be also antioxidants, which fight free radicals.

To maintain a healthy body weight, you should provide your dog the appropriate amount of exercise, but also adequate food. It should have high-quality protein and adequate amount of fiber, which regulates the work of the digestive system.

Dogs after sterilization treatment / castration are prone to obesity and overweight, therefore, should ingest a reduced fat and with L-carnitine, which is responsible for a faster metabolism of fats.

Optimal nutrition

Properly balanced diet provides adequate feed our pet. Such a diet will provide eg. Food company Ukanuba: Adult Medium Weight Control. It is a food designed for dogs with medium weight problem or limited physical activity. It has less fat, L-carnitine and minerals and vitamins, which support the joints, the body's immunity and digestive system function.

For very active dogs medium breeds would be appropriate karma Fitmin Medium Performance. It contains more fat, to provide more energy to the animal, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to strengthen the joints complex, antioxidants, free radical scavengers, complex dental protection, as well as rosemary extract, which improves the functioning of the liver and stomach. Importantly, in its composition is not included wheat, soy or corn genetically modified, which can cause allergies.

A special type of food is Royal Canin Club Energy HE. It is addressed to the dogs very active, working, ie. Dogs racing, sled, hunting and rescue. It is high energy, high in fat, but at the same time easily digestible and tasty. It has 30% protein and 18% fat, as well as calcium, phosphorus and fibre.

The dogs medium breeds often like physical activity. Therefore, they should consume food with high calorie content. In turn, the dogs at risk of overweight and obesity must be given food with reduced fat and L-carnitine. Many medium-sized dogs have different nutritional needs, as they can with them appear different diseases and genetic diseases. So let's establish individual diet for our dog to the vet.