Hill’s professional diet for dogs with brain diseases

Brain diseases in dogs are very sporadically. Usually they occur in dogs in the elderly, where these diseases are associated simply with old age and accompanying brain ageing. These diseases can be recognized by changing the behaviour of the animal.

Special needs

Senior dog has special needs, which is why food should also contain perfectly matched components that alleviate symptoms of the disease and will enjoy life. Dog elder needs most of all vitamins, minerals, that will protect the brain from free radicals, fats support the proper functioning of this organ.

Special food from Hill’s

Hill's took care of all the nutritional needs of older dogs creating karma Canine b / d. It is a dry food, which is composed of vitamin E and other antioxidants, which offset the negative effects of free radicals, L-carnitine

and alpha-lipoic acid, cash omega - 3 fatty responsible for stimulating the processes occurring within the cell membrane. The lower level of protein, sodium and phosphorus ensure the proper functioning of the heart and kidney disease in older dogs.

Research and clinical tests confirm efficiency!

As a result of clinical trials concluded that a feeding food animals with diseases of the brain, caused by the ageing process, reduced disorientation of the animal, as well as a positive effect on sleep

and habits learned behaviour in the dog, and the dog into contact with the external environment. Also, the owners have observed an improvement in the behaviour of their pets, and it happened after 6 weeks of feeding.


Besides the basic ingredients food contains also calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, omega - omega 3 and - 6, taurine, L-carnitine, vitamins A, D, E, C and beta-carotene.

Not for all

Hill's Canine b/d should not be administered to cats, puppies or pregnant and lactating females. It is designed for senior dogs with noticeable changes of behaviour connected with an old age.

To live the life for long

As soon as we see the first signs of our aging dog or a change in his behavior should change the karma for this, specially designed for senior dogs. Karma so not only enhance their overall condition, but will support the proper functioning of the brain. As a result, the dog for a long period of time will be able to function normally and enjoy each subsequent day.