Liver canine diet

The liver is an important organ that cleanses the body of toxins, it helps digestion, and also produces and stores certain types of serum proteins. Therefore, if our dog was found with liver disease need to take care of him properly. Treatment and change of diet is the only way.

Liver diseases

The most common liver diseases include inflammation, cirrhosis, heart failure, jaundice, stones, gall bladder cancer, etc. The reasons for these conditions may vary. From genetics by viral infections, ending with a bad diet and malnutrition. These diseases are particularly susceptible older animals.

Sick liver is not a sentence

With liver disease, our pet can still live a long time. However, it will only be possible with the right treatment and diet. Hepatic diet is based on low-protein diets to limit the production of ammonia by the gut. Foods should also contain minerals and nutrients that accelerate the regeneration of the liver, as well as fibre, which positively affects the intestinal peristalsis and intestinal barrier. Karma should be low in fat and be enriched with amino acids, improve fat metabolism, ie antioxidants. Vitamin C and E, whose task is to prevent the destruction of liver cells and sodium, copper and potassium.

What is the best food here?

In liver diseases dog must consume the right food. Best to choose the ready-made, designed for animals with a particular medical condition known companies. But do not forget to check before buying its composition.

One such feed is Hill's Canine l / d. It supports the work of the liver and its regeneration. It contains the right amount and combination of ingredients to help our animal quickly regain its form: eg protein, amino acids and branched aromatic, vitamin K, zinc, L-carnitine, soluble fiber, sodium, potassium, copper and antioxidants, ie. vitamin C and E, which protect the liver damage.

On the other hand, Royal Canin Hepatic is designed for adult dogs. It can be used initially for a period of six months. Karma has reduced levels of copper, so that the excess does not accumulate in the liver cells, and sodium,

which contributes to a reduction in portal hypertension. Therapy that diet will improve metabolism, reduce the incidence of inflammation, as well as provide the components necessary for the proper functioning of the liver.

The answer to the special needs of dogs suffering from various liver diseases is also karma Trovet Highly Digestible Liver protecting Diet (HLD). It is easy to digest food, but tasty, suitable for dogs with problems associated with the digestive tract, pancreas and liver diseases, or allergies. Contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc, linoleic acid, vitamins A, D3, E, or biotin.

With the right treatment feeds our dog will be proceeded faster and more efficiently, because the diet helps a hepatic drug treatment. Suitable food will also be well affect the mood of the dog, because there will be gastrointestinal problems.