Special wet food is a chance for a normal life for a dog with heart insufficiency

When our dog is diagnosed with a heart failure it may sound like a sentence. There is in this case a great opportunity to return to perfect health, but you can limit the impact of the disease on the body of an animal through a proper diet.

Food reach in potassium, vitamins and minerals.

When selecting the proper diet should be aware that heart disease in dogs can also affect the function of other organs, such as kidneys, liver, lungs. Therefore, food should be low in calories and low in sodium. It is recommended that the diet was enriched in potassium, taurine, carnitine and other nutrients to support the work of the heart and other organs, especially the kidneys. The use of appropriate food can alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Alleviating the symptoms of the disease with the diet

Many diets have carefully selected ingredients that not only ensure the proper functioning of the heart, but also other organs. Eukanuba Daily Care Overweight, Sterilized is intended for overweight dogs and dogs sterilized. Dogs are at particular risk for serious medical conditions, including heart disease. It is a low-calorie food, which contains L-carnitine, vitamins A, E, D3, copper, beta-carotene. So a balanced diet allows you to maintain a healthy weight and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Hill's products are specially designed for dogs in heart disease. Prescription Diet Canine h / d and Prescription Diet Canine k / d are low in sodium. However, they are rich in B vitamins, antioxidants, taurine. The second product also contains fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 and is intended for animals in the early stages of the disease.

In turn Royal Canin Cardiac is a special food for dogs suffering from hypertension and are in various stages of heart failure disease. It contains many vitamins, micro and macro elements supporting the work of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system and combats free radicals. By low levels of sodium and phosphorus does not burden the kidney.

Therapy with a feed should always be consulted with a vet and should not last longer thread initially 6 months.

Hearth failure vs. kidney diseases

Trovet Renal Insufficiencie Diet is a perfectly balanced product for animals with heart failure and kidney. With low-sodium and phosphorus ensures proper functioning of the kidneys and the heart, allows you to control hypertension and ascites.

It is enriched in vitamin B group, which inhibit the progress of the patient heart, folic acid, biotin, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids omega 3 and 6, to maintain the proper operation of the kidney and heart. Karma also contains substances that prevent the formation of stones in the urinary tract sorrel.

In conclusion, diet, a dog suffering from heart failure must not only support the work of the heart, but also urinary tract. Diet should be low in calories, low in sodium and phosphorus, and have B vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants, essential for maintaining the health of our pet.