Wet diet – treatment supporting pharmacological healing in case of urinary tract diseases

Dogs, just like men, have various diseases. Urinary diseases often appear in older dogs or after sterilization or castration. Then a pharmacological treatment is necessary. Special diet, adapted to current needs will support treatment and will not harm the animals.

The most common diseases

The most common diseases of the urinary tract in dogs is kidney disease, eg. Kidney insuficiency, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis or interstitial pneumonia, urinary tract stones and cystitis.

Dieto - therapy

Proper diet is to reduce the production of urea and reduce the level of phosphorus in the blood. To achieve the same results the dog should eat foods with low levels of protein and no added salt. In the case of urolithiasis which may urinary recommends

The use of wet feed with a low fiber content. Thus, eg. In kidney Struvite be administered protein rich in sulfur amino acids, but with a lower level of phosphorus. In turn, oxalate urolithiasis require feeding by the wet high-fat, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and chloride.

Proper diet is a key to full recovery

Some diseases of urinary tract such as stones can overcome even the diet alone. Important, however, that before taking action, consult your veterinarian.

Hill's has in its range, many feed specifically intended for dogs with diseases of the urinary tract. One of them is Prescription Diet Canine s / d. The indications for the use of this feed is Struvite urolithiasis. Karma allows

on prevention and the emergence of relapse. Its ingredients have been carefully selected to adjusted occurring eating disorders, which may contribute to stone formation. Sometimes the use of an appropriate diet can even help dissolve the stones and help prevent their formation.

Another feed of the same company is prescription Diet Canine u / d. It is designed for dogs with crystals or stones of calcium oxalate, advanced kidney failure, liver storage disorder. It has a low content of protein and phosphorus, but higher levels of B vitamins, vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Royal Canin also offers a special karma to the problems of the urinary tract. Royal Canin Urinary is for adult dogs with cystitis and who are Struvite stones and oxalate. Forage contribute to the dissolution of the stones and prevents recurrence. It contains many vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids.

The company Trovet, in turn, suggests a diet ASD - Anti-struvite diet. It is a diet oral intended for animals found with stones composed of magnesium ammonium phosphate lowers the pH of urine. It's characteristic features is the low level of minerals at the same time high palatability.

Using a proper diet can contribute to a rapid return your pet to a partial or even full fitness. It all depends on whether we apply the appropriate food to support treatment and having the task of preventing the emergence of diseases in the future.